Service Canada has returned to processing Social Insurance applications on arrival at Pearson Airport. Note: Provided workers arrive during Service Canada’s hours of operation. Monday to Friday 0600 – 2100 and not open on weekends.
Social Insurance Numbers are the same number for each returning worker however, the SIN does expire automatically on the end date of the work permit and for SAWP that is 15 December.

Employers are required by law to have a valid SIN for every employee for the purposes of: payroll compliance ; issuing T4 slips ; issuing a record of employment ; and, to make sure the individual receives benefit for all of the Canada Revenue source deductions.

Employers must not wait until year end to say I don’t have a SIN … A social insurance number will not be issued for a worker who has returned home. Employers are expected to make sure all of their employees including farm workers have a valid social insurance number, if not, make enquires within four weeks of the worker arriving. Please do not wait until it’s too late.

How do workers receive their SIN:

On arrival at Pearson Airport the workers are escorted to the Service Canada area. All successfully completed applications are processed and the worker will receive the paper social insurance number confirmation before leaving the airport.

Why are some SIN’s not received and how to correct:

A SIN is not issued due to Service Canada not receiving the complete documentation required to issue the SIN. Some samples of this are – no work permit copy was received; no SIN application; or the, SIN application not completed properly. This being the case Service Canada will mail the worker at their place of employment a REJECTION LETTER with a NAS2120 SIN application form.

IT IS CRITICAL for the worker with the assistance of their employer to respond to the rejection letter and do not ignore it. Apply online or by mail to make an application for the worker to receive a SIN. If for whatever reason no one actions this letter a SIN will not be issued.

MAIL – To apply by mail, only the original work permit, proof of address and NAS2120 SIN application is required.

In the case where no SIN and no rejection letter is received, this would be due to Service Canada not receiving a SIN application AT ALL for the worker. Employers are asked to assist the worker to make application online to obtain the SIN in such circumstances.

ONLINE – Best option is apply online, the employer can upload COPIES of the required documents (1) work permit, 2) passport photo page, 3) Proof of address – SAWP contract signed by employer and worker with employer address filled out, OR a worker’s bank statement in care of employer address, OR a Canadian cell phone contract in care of the employer address is acceptable as well (no screenshots from a mobile phone)]