Contact information


Suite 205, 110 Sheppard Avenue East
North York, Ontario M2N 6Y8


Ken Mason, Consul / Liaison Officer

Bus: (416) 214-9825
Fax: (416) 214-9826
Mobile: (647) 289-1244
Home: (905) 851-3083

Shirley Wall-Mayers, Assistant Liaison Officer
Mobile: (416) 464-2997

Comments from the Country

Paysheets and Daily Deduction ($6.07)

Employers are reminded to submit pay sheets and the daily deduction not later than 7 days after each pay period as per the contract. Pay sheets are to be submitted in a standard 10 point readable format. Adjust paper size as needed. Please number all the pay sheets (computerized and manual), hours worked per day must be recorded therein for each worker.


Please submit T-4’s to the Liaison Service, by February of each year.

Requesting Workers

Barbados Liaison Service wishes to remind employers that they should only request, by name, workers whom they have previously employed. Should an employer be interested in a specific worker he/she should contact the Liaison Office before placing the name on the order.

Mail received for workers is to be delivered to said workers unopened.

No other deductions except those outlined in the contract are to be deducted directly from a workers wages.