Trinidad And Tobago

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185 Sheppard Avenue West, Ste. 200
Toronto, Ontario M2N 1M9

Asha Jagassar-Jaggernauth

Consul Labour
Bus: (416) 226-5760
Fax: (416) 226-2684
Cell: 647-614-1756

Comments from the Country

Paysheets and Remittance ($6.07 per day)

To all employers who manually prepare the standardized pay sheets, please ensure that they are legible, easy to decipher, originals (no copies) and contain all the requested information. The actual number of hours worked must be clearly indicated on the pay sheets for each worker before submitting them.

To all employers who prepare computerized pay sheets, it is imperative that the data is clearly visible (choose a readable font).  The beginning and ending dates of the pay period (s) must also be clearly identified.  This will alleviate delays in the processing of the pay sheets and avoid inaccuracies. The actual number of hours worked must be clearly indicated on the pay sheets for each worker before submitting them.

Performance Reports 

Employers should ensure that the performance report forms supplied by the Liaison Service are completed for your workers and submitted to our office at the end of the season. This is a necessity for workers who had any issues that adversely affected their performance throughout the season. 


Please be reminded that within five (5) calendar days of the first day of an “interruption of a worker’s earnings”, the employer must issue a Record of Earnings (ROE) for that worker.  The original (employee copy) of the ROE must be immediately forwarded to the Labour Liaison Branch.  Please refer to Service Canada for further details and guidance.

OHIP Coverage

Employers are cautioned that failure to secure OHIP coverage for the workers constitutes a breach of contract.  They are also reminded that they are required to register their workers for OHIP coverage as soon as they arrive.

Social Insurance Number

Employers are reminded that if a worker’s SIN is not obtained at the Airport, it is the employer’s responsibility to immediately take the worker to the nearest Service Canada office to have their SIN issued or reissued.

T4 Slips

As required by the Canada Revenue Agency, the employer must give employees their T4 slip on or before the last day of February following the calendar year to which the slip applies. Therefore please ensure that all T4’s are received at the office by the stipulated deadline so the worker’s returns can be prepared in a timely manner.