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If you have questions about the vaccine clinic at Toronto Pearson airport you can reach out to OMAFRA for assistance at

The Ontario government is setting up a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Toronto Pearson International Airport, to offer vaccines to any temporary foreign worker before they leave the airport for transportation to their location for quarantine, beginning on Saturday April 10, 2021. This clinic will be exclusively for temporary foreign workers on arrival and is in accordance with Phase Two of Ontario’s vaccine implementation plan.

Workers will be transported from the airport to the dedicated, secure vaccination site at Viscount Station, a short distance from the airport. Translation supports and snacks will be available for workers at the site.

For employers with TFWs not yet arrived, if you are in contact with your workers before they depart for Canada, it would be helpful to let them know that they may be offered to receive a Covid-19 vaccination as explained and if so, they have the choice to accept it then. For those that may choose to not be vaccinated at the airport, it is anticipated that they will have a future opportunity should they wish since their data will be entered in the provincial health data base. Informing workers early may support their acceptance of the vaccine If the worker has not traveled yet.

We encourage you to review the following resources and share them with your workers:

1. Government of Canada: What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine for Canada (available in many languages)
-English and Spanish PDFs below
2. Resources for Agricultural Workers (Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association) – Vaccine Resources
-Three resources available – Vaccine Bulletin, Vaccine Myths and Facts, Vaccine Aftercare (all available in English, Spanish and Thai) – the English and Spanish versions are below
-There are also short narrated videos of these resources available in English and Spanish through the link above
3. Ontario Ministry of Health’s information sheets on vaccination:
-COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet (available in English) – English PDF below
-After Your COVID-19 Vaccine (available in English) – English PDF below
4. Vaccine Consent Form:
-See below for copies of the consent form in English and Spanish
-Vaccination is voluntary and a personal choice. A consent form is to be completed by individuals who choose to receive the vaccine.

If you have questions about the vaccine clinic at Toronto Pearson airport you can reach out to OMAFRA for assistance at

1. Government of Canada What-you-need-to-know-covid-19-vaccine EN       1. Government of Canada Lo que necesita saber -covid-19-vacuna ES 

2a. OFVGA – Vaccine Bulletin -Agricultural Workers_ES                                   2a. OFVGA – Vaccine Bulletin -Agricultural Workers_EN

2b. OFVGA – COVID-19 Vaccines Myths and Facts_ES                                       2b. OFVGA – COVID-19 Vaccines Myths and Facts_EN

2c. OFVGA – COVID-19 Vaccine Aftercare_ES                                                      2c. OFVGA – COVID-19 Vaccine Aftercare_EN

3a. Ministry of Health – COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet EN                  3b. After your COVID-19 Vaccine EN andFR

COVID-19_vaccine_consent_form                                                                           Formulario de consentimiento COVID-19 04-07-2021 (ID 157572)


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