Participating Countries



Sophia Lowe, Consul/Liaison Officer
Bus: (416) 214-9825
Fax: (416) 214-9826

Shirley Wall-Mayers, Assistant Liaison Officer

Address: Suite 205, 110 Sheppard Avenue East
North York, Ontario M2N 6Y8


Comments From The Country

Paysheets and Daily Deduction ($5.45) - Employers are reminded to submit paysheets and the daily deduction not later than 7 days after each pay period as per the contract.

T-4’s - Please submit T-4’s to the Liaison Service, by February of each year.

Requesting Workers - Barbados Liaison Service wishes to remind employers that they should only request, by name, workers whom they have previously employed. Should an employer be interested in a specific worker he/she should contact the Liaison Office before placing the name on the order.

Eastern Caribbean


Olaf Fontanelle, Chief Liaison Officer

Cell: 416-579-4662

Charmaine Williams, Assistant Liaison Officer
Bus: (416) 222-1988
Fax: (416) 222-3830

Address: 1 Concord Gate, Suite 303 Toronto, ON  M3C 3N6

Toll Free: 1-888-518-3257
(provided for the exclusive use of the Eastern Caribbean workers)


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Cowan Insurance Card - Each worker will receive a package directly from Cowan Insurance at their place of employment .  The package will contain the workers Cowan Insurance Card. It can be used at most pharmacies for prescriptions. If a pharmacy does not recognize the card, the worker can pay the pharmacy and send the receipt to the Liaison for a refund.

Workers Evaluation Sheet - To enhance the recruitment process, employers are reminded to complete and return to the Eastern Caribbean Liaison office, the Worker Evaluation Sheet.

Paysheets and Daily Deduction ($5.45) - Employers are reminded of the need for submission of pay sheets within seven (7) days of the payroll period.  The deduction under Section IV clause I, shall not exceed $5.45 per working day and is required to be submitted with pay sheets.  A working day is to be such that a worker completes a minimum of four (4) hours of work in a given day.

Photo Health Cards - Employers are also reminded to faciliate the processing of health cards upon arrival of each worker, in keeping with their obligation under the contract.

Ill and Injured Workers - Employers are asked to take note of their obligation to report to the Liaison Service within twenty-four (24) hours, any illness or injury sustained by the workers, which requires medical attention.



Toronto Location:
230 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 200
North York ON M2N 1N1

Head Office:  416-733-4358
Fax: 416-733-4260

Toll Free: 1-888-898-3591 (provided for the Exclusive use of Jamaica workers)

Carlton Anderson, Chief Liaison Officer
Bus: 416-733-4359
Fax: 416-733-0023
Home: 647-464-5101

Kenneth G. Phillips, Deputy Chief Liaison Officer
Bus: 416-733-9546
Fax: 416-733-4260

Home: 905-303-4965

Leamington Location:
33 Princess Street, Suite 407
Leamington ON N8H 5C5

Vernon G. Melhado, Deputy Chief Liaison Officer
Bus: 519-326-6401 / 519-326-9869
Fax: 519-326-6592

Home: 519-326-5241


British Columbia Location:

Donna E. Adams, Deputy Chief Liaison Officer

Bus: 250-762-4219
Fax: 250-762-0615

Cell: 250-869-6288


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Social Insurance Numbers - Employers are asked to automatically provide to the Liaison Service the social insurance number for every worker on the farm.

Extended Benefits - Prescription drugs purchased by the worker or employer on the workers behalf for non-occupational illnesses may be submitted to the Liaison Office for reimbursement.

Mail - Some Employers are known to be in the habit of opening workers’ private mail. This practice is illegal and should be discontinued.

List of Named Workers - Employers are requested to submit their list of names early for returning workers no later than January 31st for the next year. Inform the Liaison Service in writing of the names of workers, who were unsatisfactory during the current season, in order that the Liaison Service may notify the Ministry of Labour in Jamaica.  Employers can only name workers who they had previously employed.

T4 Slips - Employers are reminded all T4 slips to the Liaison Service by February of each year.

Paysheets and Daily Deduction ($5.45) - Employers are reminded to submit pay sheets and the daily deduction not later than 7 days after each pay period as per the contract.

Bicycles - Where bicycles are provided to the worker(s) by the employer, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the bicycle is in proper working order according to the law of the province. Bicycles should be equipped with proper and adequate reflectors and lights.

Confirmation of transfer - Employers are requested to use the confirmation of transfer form available on the F.A.R.M.S. website (forms) at the time worker(s) transfer.  Please send to the Jamaican Liaison office.



Consulate of Mexico in Toronto

350-11 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 4C7

Ext 231 Omar Herrera, Consul, Program Coordinator

Ext 230 Liliana Cuellar, Liaison Officer

Ext 232 Manuel Balderes, Liaison Officer

Ext 271  Marco De Leon, Liaison Officer

Bus: (416) 368-2875 Fax: (416) 368-8342 or
(416) 368-9384
Emergency # (416) 716-0931

Toll Free: 1-888-351-2690 (For exclusive use only by Mexican workers)


Consulate of Mexico in Leamington

350 Highway 77, RR 2, Leamington ON N8H 3V5 / PO Box 245 Leamington ON N8H 3W2

Ext 225 , Alejandro Noriega, Vice Consul

Ext 228 Alejandro Fernandez, Liaison Officer

Ext 230 Karen Gomez, Liaison Officer

Ext 229 Hector Diaz, Liaison Officer

Bus: (519) 325-1460          

Fax: (519) 326-0877

Emergency # (519) 324-1481 (available after 5:00 p.m.)

Toll Free: 1-866-657-6635 (Provided for the exclusive use only by Mexican Workers)


Comments From The Country

Notice from the Employer - The worker evaluation form is now available on-line.  The evaluation form can be found at and should be completed as part of the requirment process.  Each employer has been assigned a username and pass code necessary to fill out the fomr.  The evaulation has two sections:  A General and an Extented Asseessment - The General assessment is indispensable for the recruitment process.  The Ministry of Labour has put together a User's Manual to assist you in completing the evaluation.

To ensure that the website loads properly, please make sure you have installed Internet 8.0 or 9.0. For later versions of Internet Explorer, please choose compatibility view in your internet settings and add website. You will then be able to view the site properly. If you have any technical difficulties while filing your evaluations online, please address them directly to the F.A.R.M.S. office where pass code and access assistance can be obtained.

Housing Inspections - Kindly fax a copy of the Ministry of Health housing inspection approval to the Mexican Consulate.

Social Insurance Numbers - Please make sure that all your workers have a valid current Social Insurance Numbers.  If any of your workers have not received a SIN  after arrival in Canada, please contact the Mexican Consulate.  Depending on the specific circumstance of each case, you may be required to bring the worker to apply for a SIN in person at a local Service Canada office.  For this reason it is extremely important to double-check the status of the workers' SIN well in advance of their departure.

T4’s and Filing Tax Returns - The Worker is responsible for the filing of their own tax return. Employers are requested to assist the worker where possible in the completion and filing of Tax Returns. Before returning to Mexico the worker must indicate to the employer in writing the name of the company, address and telephone number where the employer has to send the T4.

Bank Accounts - The use of direct deposit payroll options (also direct deposit tax returns) and bank accounts (chequing and savings) are encouraged. The workers could benefit by using debit cards and providing their spouse or whomever a second card for direct money withdrawals in Mexico. The cost of money transferring to Mexico would decrease dramatically.

Medical Assistance - Employers are advised that the Mexican Consulate has available an English / Spanish Medical Assistance form for use when a worker requires medical attention. Please make sure the worker brings it with him/her at his/her medical examination. If you do not have the medical form contact the Mexican Consulate and assistance will be provided to you. In case of loss of work due to illness or a work related accident the employers are asked to directly notify Great-West Life Insurance, WSIB and the Mexican Consulate immediately. According to the Canadian law the nature of illness will remain confidential and only with the consent of the worker will the information be provided.

As per the amendments to the 2018 SAWP contract, Section VIII clause 6. Obligations of the Employer - employers are responsible for transportation to and from a hospital or clinic, whenever the WORKER needs medical attention. The Employer shall take the WORKER (IF REQUIRED) to the closest hospital or clinic, or the Employer shall pay for such transportation if he is unable to take the worker to receive medical attention.

Great West Life Assurance -  Mexican workers continue to be covered for emergency medical, life, disability and dismemberment under a policy with Great-West Life Insurance.  Employers are required to pay the full invoiced amount and recover only that amount equal to the workers duration of employment.  If there are any discrepancies with the dates of coverage for the workers, the employer is advised to contact F.A.R.M.S. to ensure that the date is acurate.  Great-West Life will only reconcile monies based on data received from the Mexican Consulate.  Employers are requested to deduct ninety (.90) cents per day seven (7) days a week from the workers pay. 

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Contact:  1-855-896-0808 or

NOTE** Great West Life insurance for Mexican farm workers is not extended beyond December 15th each year.

Early Cessation of Employment - Section X Mexico Contract - if the WORKER and EMPLOYER come to an agreement that the WORKER has to return to Mexico due to personal and/or domestic circumstances, the WORKER shall be responsible for the full cost of their return to Mexico. There is no need to contact the Consulate office if both parties agree. Once the repatriation has been arranged the employer must contact the Consulate to provide details on - who paid the airfare, reason for the early return and whether it is a double arrival or not.  This information should be reported to the Consulate upon departure of the worker.

The following documents can be downloaded from the Mexican Consulate web page

  1. Medical Form
  2. Payroll sheets
  3. OHIP
  4. SIN application forms

Trinidad And Tobago


Eric Poliah, Consul Labour
Bus: (416) 226-5760 ext. 224

Fax: (416) 226-2684

Address: 185 Sheppard Avenue West, Ste. 200, Toronto, Ontario M2N 1M9


Comments From The Country

Paysheets and Remittance ($5.45 per day) - To all employers who manually prepare the standardized pay sheets, please ensure that they are legible, easy to decipher, originals (no copies) and contain all the requested information.

To all employers who prepare computerized pay sheets, it is imperative that the data is clealy visible (choose a readable font).  The beginning and ending dates of the pay period (s) must also be cleaarly identified.  This will alleviate delays in the processing of the pay sheets and avoid inaccuracies.

Booking of Southbound Flights - Employers are reminded that Southbound flights should be booked so that their workers depart Canada no later than the fifth day after thei last day of work.  The Labour Liaison Branch will not support or encourage workers extending their stay in Canada for personal or recreational reasons after completion of their contracts.

Performance Reports - Employers should ensure that the performance report forms supplied by the Liaison Service are completed and returned.

ROE - Please be reminded that within five (5) calendare days of the first day of an "interruption of a worker's earnings", the employer must issue a Record of Earnings (ROE) for that worker.  The original (employee copy) of the ROE must be immediately forwarded to the Labour Liaison Branch.  Please refer to Service Canada for further details and guidance.

OHIP Coverage - Employers are cautioned that failure to secure OHIP coverage for the workers constitues a breach of contract.  They are also reminded that they are required to register their workers for OHIP coverage as soon as they arrive.

Cowan Insurance Co.  - will now provide supplemental health insurance with Cowan Insurance for the workers at a premium of $1.03 per day from the date of arrival to the end of the employment period.  A Per Day deduction (not just working days) is to be made from workers' wages and sent directly to Cowan Insurance who will correspond directly with employers on this matter.